'Deeply disturbing': Melbourne chiropractor uses controversial spinal treatment on two-week old baby

A Melbourne chiropractor is under investigation after "deeply disturbing" footage emerged of him performing a controversial treatment on a baby.

The footage shows chiropractor Andrew Arnold holding the two-week old baby upside down and then applying a controversial spinal manipulation treatment to him as he cries, reports The Guardian.

The treatment involves using a spring-loaded device that is activated on the baby's back with a controlled impulse.

The video was uploaded to the Cranbourne Family Chiropractic Facebook page, where it received mixed responses, but has been since taken down.

Victoria Health Minister Jenny Mikakos called it "deeply disturbing" and referred the practitioner to the Chiropractic Board of Australia to take "the necessary action".

"It's appalling that young children and infants are being exposed to potential harm," she said.

The board responded by saying it was assessing the concerns raised about the chiropractor's actions.

"The board has made a strong statement about the care of children and has written to every chiropractor in Australia to warn them to comply with their professional and ethical obligations, which are clearly outlined in the board's code of conduct for chiropractors," a spokesperson said.

While the treatment is not illegal, practitioners have been warned against it.

Sydney-based surgeon John Cunningham told Nine News that a newborn should never need spinal manipulation as the risk was too high.

"There's been cases of babies dying, there's cases of babies having their necks fractured," he said.

But another chiropractor has defended Dr Arnold, saying there is a growing trend in parents wanting the treatment for their children.