'First day feels': Man's embarrassing first day workplace blunder goes viral

Everyone's first day at a new job can range from nerve-wracking to downright terrifying, but for one San Francisco worker, the awkward blunder he made on his first day might stay with him forever.

Digital marketer Jon Caña arrived at his first day at work in October last year to find a bouquet of flowers had been left on his new desk for him.

He was so touched by the gesture, he asked his  manager to take some photos, and uploaded them to Twitter.

"First day feels," he captioned the pics on Twitter.

However, this week - after a few months settling in at his new position - Caña colleagues finally felt it was time they told him the truth.

The flowers weren't for him at all. They were meant for someone going on maternity leave and they had mistakenly been placed on his desk.

Retweeting the images from October, Caña captioned the images: "Found out these flowers were misplaced on my desk and supposed to be for someone going on maternity leave.

"They don't give flowers to new hires but they saw me taking pics, with them and felt too bad to take them away."

The tweet has gone viral, attrofacting over 250,000 likes and over 50,000 retweets.

"The fact you posed with the flowers in different positions is just cracking me up," one person replied.

"This will be your legacy in the company now... you will have to buy a bouquet for every new hire," wrote another.

In a later tweet, Caña also gave credit where credit was due.

"Photo credits to my beloved manager @clickdominique who also had no idea these flowers weren't for me," he wrote, with laughing emojis.