Head of Muffin Break slammed for calling Millennials 'clueless'

Head of Muffin Break slammed for calling Millennials 'clueless'
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The head of Muffin Break in Australia has faced backlash on social media for calling millennials self-important and clueless.

Natalie Brennan, the general manager of Muffin Break in Australia, criticised young people for no longer looking for unpaid internships or work experience.

"There's just nobody walking in my door asking for an internship, work experience or unpaid work, nobody," Ms Brennan told News.com.au

"You don't see it anymore. Before that people would be knocking on your door all the time, you couldn't keep up with how many people wanted to be working. In fact I'd run programs because there were so many coming in."

She said when a millennial candidate comes for an interview they think they are too good for the job, citing one example the candidate sent an abusive email saying the job was underpaid.

"People are clueless," she told News.com.au.

"Not only am I not going to hire you, I will tell everybody about you as well. That's the thing people don't realise. Whatever industry you're in, it's a small industry."

She said it was unrealistic of young people to expect to walk into a job and become CEO within five years.

She said young people want to be applauded or named "staff member of the month for doing their job".

 News.com.au reported Ms Brennan partly blamed social media saying it gives people unrealistic expectations.


"I think everybody thinks social media is going to get them ahead somewhere," she said.

Ironically the views weren't widely appreciated on social media where users accused her of unrealistically expecting young people to work for free.

Commenters on Twitter said it wasn't about doing unpaid internships but having to earn money to pay for New Zealand's high cost of living. Others said she was looking for slave labour.

Many pointed out that unpaid internships were a rort that suited the employer and not the employee.