Melbourne mum gets hateful messages for being outraged by a toy lion having a penis

A Melboune mum-of-five has been ridiculed online after she was shocked a toy lion she bought for one of her children was anatomically correct.

Tanya Husnu had taken her children to Kmart so they could pick out a toy before heading to the zoo, reports

"I thought it would be really great if the kids could take some animal toys with them on the day," the 33-year-old professional blogger told

"We went in to Kmart and my three youngest picked out their toys. Then one of the twins turned the lion around and my daughter yelled out 'Look mum, the lion's got a willy', and they all started laughing."

Ms Husnu's son with the lion
Ms Husnu's son with the lion Photo credit: Tanya Husnu/Caters News.

Ms Husnu says the toy was completely inappropriate, and she wants Kmart to stop selling it.

"In this day and age, it's not acceptable to have things like that on children's toys. I buy a lot of toys and my house is full of toys. But I've never seen anything like this before. It's so stupid and just plain weird."

Since news outlets published the story, Ms Husnu told she has received abusive messages directed towards her and her children.

"I've been getting a lot of personal messages saying 'are you a stupud c***t?'"

Other social media users have slammed Ms Husnu's stance on the lion's genitals, saying it was ridiculous for her to shelter her children.

"I've got news for you lady..lions have dicks..get over it" wrote one user

"She's had five kids, surely she can't be offended by a willy?" questioned another.

Not all the messages were nasty however - some saw the humour in the situation

"That pisses me off - it's bigger than mine!"

"I'll bet lions are more outraged by the tiny package"