Micropenis husband now demanding $50k for penis enlargement surgery

The US man threatening to sue after his wife revealed his micropenis in a Reddit thread is now demanding they get a second mortgage to pay for penis enlargement surgery.

She says she's "absolutely heartbroken" at the destruction of her relationship - "by a micropenis, nonetheless".

Two weeks ago the anonymous woman posted about the "unexpected discovery" in the Reddit 'Am I an A**hole' section, under the username 'throwaway_peen34'.

She explained that they didn't have sex until marriage, and it wasn't until their honeymoon she discovered her husband had a micropenis - around "an inch and a quarter".

But her partner discovered her post, and in an update she wrote he was threatening to leave and sue her.

"He says he wants an annulment and is considering suing me for defamation of character."

Now she's begging for advice again after he announced his expensive intentions to extend his equipment.

"[Am I the asshole] for telling him it's not ok to take out a second mortgage so he can get phalloplasty (enlargement surgery)? He scheduled a free consultation w/ a plastic surgeon, but told me it's probably going to cost at least 50k," she posted.

"He says it's my fault and that my posts drove him to it. There's no way I'm co-signing anything. I think this is the last straw for him and I. I'm absolutely heartbroken that our relationship was just destroyed in a matter of two weeks. By a micropenis, nonetheless.

"I've told him I don't need a $50K penis, and that we can manage to keep things spicy. But this stubborn man is bound and determined. I think he thinks this will save our relationship, but him being reckless with finances will ruin it instead."

Her post has received mostly supportive responses from commenters.

"Don't let his tiny pecker become a marriage and bank account wrecker," one person wrote.

"Dude! Work with what you got. Get some toys, be creative. Don't waste it on getting an add-on to the schween," was another person's advice.

US-based health website Healthline says the average micropenis occurs in less than 0.6 percent of the US population.

It says an adult micropenis is a stretched penile length of 9.32 cm (3.67 in.) or less.