Model from Azerbaijan sells her virginity for over $3.5 million

A model from Azerbaijan has reportedly sold her virginity through the Cinderella escort agency for over $3.5 million. 

Mahbuba Mammadzada, 23, said she did it to make her mother proud and so she can buy her a house and they can travel.

The Daily Mail reported the successful bidder was a Japanese politician, who will be able to verify Ms Mammadzada is a virgin by getting her checked out by a doctor. 

The Cinderella escort agency specialises in selling women's virginity and has arranged a number of high profile sales.

Owned by Jan Zakobielski, the agency claims to be 'the world's biggest escort service' and has been criticised for exploiting women and encouraging them to go in to prostitution.

Last year, Mr Zakobielski rejected that criticism, telling APP he gets thousands of request from women to sell their virginity and the successful applicants are all seen by a psychologist.

"It's not me making this decision. An adult woman contacts us after she has already decided about her plans. We just give the woman a platform to live their will and be free to do with their body whatever they want," he told APP.   

The agency confirmed to the Daily Mail the auction was now closed, and the second-highest bidder was a lawyer from the UK and the third a famous footballer in Germany.