Monstrous courgette grown in north Auckland

Monstrous courgette grown in north Auckland
Photo credit: Supplied

A woman's "bit of fun" to see how big she could grow a courgette has produced a monstrous vegetable in north Auckland. 

On September 9 last year, Katrina Hunter decided she wanted to see how large she could grow a courgette in her garden near Leigh.

"I must admit, though, that I bought fresh soil for my garden, so didn't work it that much, but I gave it lots of TLC (tender loving care)," she told Newshub.

That care looks like it paid off when Ms Hunter went to pick the courgettes late last week and found the plant had produced 63, including one which had grown to the enormous weight of 4.6kgs.

While that is still dwarfed by the 29.9 kg courgette listed as the heaviest ever by the Guinness World Records, courgettes usually only weigh about 150-200 grams.

Posting a picture of the monstrous vegetable online, Facebook users complimented her on her produce.

"That is big enough to feed a small country. You really must have great soil and very green fingers," said one woman.

Others debated the best way to cook it, with one woman saying it could be hollowed out and filled with brown rice and spices, and another suggesting it would go well with a "sprinkle of anchovies and parmesan".

But Ms Hunter told Newshub the beast of a courgette wouldn't be making its way to her kitchen anytime soon. Instead, she is donating it to the Ti Point Reptile Park to feed their tortoises.

The park claims to be the only zoo in New Zealand specialising in reptiles, housing everything from an alligator to an iguana. Ms Hunter said its owners really impress her.

"The husband and wife team are amazing," she said.