Pregnant woman shares McDonald's misery on Facebook

Sometimes all you want is a burger, and one can only imagine that craving is intensified when you're nine months pregnant.

But one expectant Sydney mother faced crippling disappointment while trying to grab a McDonald's Big Mac on the way home.

According to, Emily Ryan ordered a classic Big Mac burger - sans pickles and onion - but what she received was horrifying.

"When you're 40 weeks pregnant and the baby needs a McDonald's Big Mac without pickle or onions, and you come home from the drive-through to find this," she posted on Facebook.

The photo of Ryan kicking back on the couch with her would-be burger shows a sad looking meat patty with a slice of cheese, on a bed of limp lettuce.

The sad creation in Ryan's burger box.
The sad creation in Ryan's burger box. Photo credit: Facebook (Source:

Ryan says that as a Macca's fan, she always checks the bag to make sure all items are there, but didn't think to open the burger box too look inside. 

But she doesn't blame the worker.

"It was the lunch rush and I used to work at Macca's during my uni days so I do sympathise with how busy they were," she told

"But being nine months pregnant makes you hangry."

The soon to be mother of two said she compromised by eating half of her husband's chips.

"The manager promised me a free one next time I go in, so all is not lost," she said.

"And yes of course I still ate it - would have been a criminal waste of special sauce not to."

Ryan's friends left sympathetic comments on the Facebook post, but many could see the funny side.

"Maybe they didn't know you were pregnant and thought 'that lady does NOT need the bun'," one friend joked.