Teen mistakes girlfriend's thermometer as positive pregnancy test

A 4am text is very rarely good news, and one California teen got the fright of his life when his girlfriend sent him a picture in the early hours of the morning.

Eighteen-year-old Izaak Torres awoke at 4am to a message from his girlfriend - a picture of what he thought was a positive pregnancy test, and the accompanying message: "Holy f**k". 

Panicked, Mr Torres texted back a rally of messages, including "how," "WTF" and "your (sic) on birth control."

Shortly after, Mr Torres woke up enough to look at the picture again, and realised his mistake - it was a thermometer, reading his girlfriend's high fever.

The couple together
The couple together Photo credit: Twitter/ @VNSAMRE

His girlfriend, Vanessa Marie thought the whole exchange was hilarious, and shared it on Twitter, where it quickly went viral - the post receiving 31,079 retweets, and over 175,000 likes.

Commenters are sharing in the hilarity,

"Congratulations you're pregnant with 100 babies," wrote one user.

"He saw it as you're 100% pregnant and lmao I'm dead," wrote another.

Mr Torres told Buzzfeed he doesn't care about the jokes on Twitter.

"I honestly don't care what anyone says. Me and my girl have a great relationship and we are strong," he said.

"We posted this for people to find it funny, but not blow it out of proportion."