Tipping to be introduced on Uber, Uber Eats in New Zealand

Uber has announced it's introducing a new tipping service across both its ride-share and food delivery apps in New Zealand.

From Thursday, customers will be able to "add a tip" at the end of their service, following the usual rating screen.

Riders and eaters can then select an amount from one of the preset options of $1, $3 or $5 - or input their own amount up to $50 and submit it.

Uber Australia and New Zealand spokesperson Lucas Groeneveld says it's another way for riders and eaters to celebrate great service "via an easy and meaningful way to say 'ka pai' for a job well done".

"We have often heard from riders and eaters that they would like the opportunity to show their appreciation for great service," he says.

"We are now offering them the opportunity to recognise and thank partners for the things they do to make the experience more magical, memorable and fun."

Tipping, while commonplace in countries including the US, is less expected in Aotearoa. It's most commonly considered customary at hotels in New Zealand and is increasingly expected at upmarket restaurants.

It's not the only new initiative for Uber. Last year, it launched its Driving Change Initiative in response to accusations of sexual misconduct.

The ride-sharing app says it has 485,000 active riders and 6500 active drivers in New Zealand.