'We limit boys': YouTube star Jessica Ballinger claps back at critics of her 5yo son who wore dress

Jessica Ballinger says her son should be able to wear dresses without judgement.
Jessica Ballinger says her son should be able to wear dresses without judgement. Photo credit: Jessica Ballinger/YouTube

A US YouTuber has taken to social media to hit out at people asking if her 5-year-old son is "gay or trans" because he wears dresses.

Jessica Ballinger, the sister-in-law of Colleen Ballinger who plays popular YouTube character Miranda Sings, said that she "frequently sees questions online asking if he's gay or trans or 'why does he dress like a girl'?"

In a now-viral tweet, she explains that her son is "five and he loves a lot of things."

Ms Ballinger said that if the roles were reversed and her daughter was "wearing pants" or "playing a previously male-only role", nobody would question it.

"We call girls strong, and celebrate it. Why don't we do that for boys? We limit boys by only allowing them to love what we think boys should love.

"By not allowing boys to dress like the women they admire, you are telling them that being a boy is better."

The tweet has over 1800 replies, most from people who support the boy's "beautiful spirit".

Some commenters posted photos of their own sons wearing capes and dresses, saying they are "brave enough to be totally themselves."

Others are commending Ms Ballinger for allowing her son to express himself.

"I LOVE that you give this opportunity to your kids and accept them do openly. I see so many parents having all these 'expectations' on what their kid should and shouldn't do and it breaks my heart that society puts labels on kids."


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