What not to wear: The fashion mistakes you didn't know you're making at work

Nailing the perfect work outfit can be the most difficult of tasks. While guys can often be fine throwing on the same suit day after day, trying to pick the right dress/pants/heels can be brain-boggling.

Luckily, there are experts in the world who know a lot better than me, and can offer some genuinely helpful advice.

Head of style at The Iconic and writer for Grazia Nicole Adolphe, says when dressing for 'business formal', it's important to get the balance just right.

Here are a few tips she's given to ensure there are no workplace fashion faux pas':

You're wearing low cut tops, short skirts, sandals or anything sheer 

I know this can be hard when summer rolls around, but it's important to remain professional in the workplace.

This is particularly important at management level as your colleagues look up to you to set the workwear standard.

You're wearing clashing prints 

There's a time and a place where you can be a bit more adventurous with your outfit choices, but the workplace isn't really one of them.

I'm not saying shy away from prints completely, but definitely avoid head to toe clashes.

You're wearing sandals 

Sandals and other casual open-toed shoes are generally inappropriate for business environments. Not only is it way too casual for the workplace, it's also a major safety hazard.

Take the safe option and opt for something like closed in mules, pumps or smart closed toe heels.

You're wearing loud earrings 

Having loud earrings, both in style and noise (the ones that jingle jangle every time you move you head) can be super distracting - and you're there to focus.

If you love accessorising, keep it simple with a sleek pair of drop earrings or classic pair of studs.

And if you're trying to land that dream gig, Adolphe says first impressions count.

If you look good, you feel good; and if you feel good, you shine from within, showing the best possible version of yourself.

In saying that, there are a few style no-nos to think about when dressing to impress at a job interview. You want to find the sweet spot of dressing professionally without compromising your personal style.

Here are a few rules I go by, when planning an outfit for a job interview:

Dress for the role 

If it's a creative job, opt for a pair of cool sneakers or flats like the NIKE Air Max 95 rather than a stiletto.

If you can, research the company's dress code to help give you direction. This season's Bike Pants trend won't suit a real estate role but may score a fashion gig, if worn right!

Don't wear anything too loud 

If you want to show off your favourite statement piece, pare it back with something more conservative (but still fashionable of course) like this awesome blazer.

Keep it professional

Don't wear anything too short, tight or revealing - and save the sequins for the night club!

You have to remember this is a job interview and not a night out on the town.

Avoid loud, jingling jewellery 

Something that will jingle every time you make a move is distracting and will disrupt the flow of conversation during the interview.

If you are big on accessories, I'd opt for a statement bag like FROM ST XAVIER Chrissy-Cross Body or a coloured gemstone necklace like the the VALÉRE Romana Necklace, which is having a major moment in the jewellery world right now.