Woman gives birth to triplets while on the pill

Woman gives birth to triplets while on the pill
Photo credit: Facebook/Hannah Donoghue

Third time's the charm - or is it?

An English woman has given birth to triplets, after her birth control failed for the third time.

Hannah Donaghue says the first time she fell pregnant on the pill, she assumed she was part of the minimal percentage of women who are just unfortunate, reports The Daily Mail.

"The first time I'd fallen pregnant while taking the contraceptive pill, I'd just assumed I was one of the one percent of women who got unlucky,"

She was 18 at the time, and says she took to motherhood immediately.

"I'd worked in a nursery, so caring for her came naturally to me, but I wasn't planning on having another any time soon."

Ms Donaghue went to her GP and switched her pill, making sure she took it "religiously at the same time every day."

But two months later, she was pregnant again.

"When I saw those two little blue lines in the window, I almost fainted. I had no idea how we'd cope and was dreading having to explain to people what had happened again while I was on the pill.

After giving birth again, Ms Donaghue switched her birth control to the contraceptive implant. But after eight years, she had issues with it and went back on the pill, reports The Daily Mail.

She says she had split up with her boyfriend and was looking for a new relationship.

However, she met up with an old flame, Ben, at a party, and they reconnected.

A few weeks later, she was receiving a sonogram at the hospital to confirm her pregnancy.

"I lay on the table and the sonographer ran the scanner over my stomach. 'There's one heartbeat' she said 'and there's the second one' "

"I thought I'd misheard her," said Ms Donaghue "How could there possibly be two babies in there? 'And there's the third one' she added."

Ms Donaghue says the moment was surreal

"I thought she must have been joking couldn't believe it and neither could Ben."

The couple now co-parent their triplets, as well as her two other children

"I've traded my mini in for a seven-seater car," says Ms Donaghue "and I've well and truly given up on the pill."