Asahi beer hides secret gifts around Auckland from Stolen Girlfriend's Club, Asics, others

Asahi beer hidden portals in Auckland
The secret portals will be dotted around the CBD and Ponsonby. Photo credit: Supplied.

Aucklanders, it's time to channel your inner Dora the Explorer. Secret packages are hidden around the city, ready for the taking. 

As part of a new Asahi promotion, secret 'fukubukuro' street poster portals are popping up around Auckland's CBD and Ponsonby. Inspired by the traditional Japanese 'lucky bag' custom, these discoverable portals will contain prizes from Stolen Girlfriends Club, Asics and an upcoming Asahi AKAI DOA (or 'red door') dining experience.

The concept of fukubukuro or 'lucky bag' hails from the popular Japanese celebration in which retailers give mystery bags to shoppers. 

The bags will be hidden behind various street posters featuring Asahi Super Dry beer. There are reportedly about 100 Asahi street posters around Auckland but only a few will be hiding a doorway containing a gift. 

Lucky hunters can expect to find limited edition Stolen Girlfriends Club T-shirts, vouchers for limited edition Asics sneakers or a double pass to the Asahi AKAI DOA dining experience launching at Las Vegas Club on Karangahape Rd Auckland from mid-April.

Asahi Super Dry Marketing Manager Stephanie Scard says it's about "bringing a little piece of Japanese culture to Ponsonby and the CBD." 

"Keep an eye on your Instagram and you might discover a few clues as to their whereabouts," she adds. 

For foodies, a very special portal will be popping up in front of Las Vegas Club on Karangahape Rd from 12-2pm April 4, 5 and 6. The chef behind Azabu and Ebisu will be offering passers-by a sneak preview tasting of the Asahi AKAI DOA six-course menu.

The scavenger hunt-style promotion has proved popular in the past. Lorde sent fans on a scavenger hunt around Auckland in 2017 in search of tour tickets, and fans of McDonald's Filet-o-Fish could score a free burger when they spotted the giant shark car around Auckland earlier this year.