Australian school apologises after forcing girl to cover shaved head

Australian school apologises after forcing girl to cover shaved head
Photo credit: Google Maps.

An Australian girls' school has apologised after asking a student to cover her head after she shaved it for charity.

Deanna Tezak, a mother of one of the other girls at Lourdes Hill College in Brisbane, posted to Facebook on Friday saying the school's behaviour was '"disgusting."

"What kind of message do you think this is sending to the rest of the students at the school?"

She said her daughter told her the girl was pulled out of class when a teacher found out she had taken her hat off in the 35degC heat.

"She was pulled out of the classroom in front of the other students and reprimanded for 20 minutes before being allowed back in the classroom. This is bullying."

Tezak then directed a question towards the principal, Robyn Anderson.

"What are you going to do about this? The student deserves an apology not only by the teacher who is shaming her but by the whole school." reports the other girls in the student's class decided to protest the rule by refusing to take their hats off.

The school emailed parents explaining there had been a mistake, and the student had received a "face-to-face apology."

"Our student remains our focus and we are in constant contact with the student's father. The family are supportive of the college and its response."

The college said they are committed to engaging in charitable events and fundraisers, "and will always continue to support these along with student-driven initiatives".