Couple with 53-year age gap promise to get intimate on reality television show

Couple with 53-year age gap promise to get intimate on reality television show
Photo credit: Novo Jutro / Screenshot

A new Serbian television programme is giving a couple with a 53-year age gap the opportunity to prove their love and they are promising they won't shy away from intimacy on the show.

Milijana Bogdanovic, 21, and Milojko Bozic, 74, are engaged to marry and dream of starting a family together, but have frequently faced challenges to their relationship - including from the local church.

The pair had planned a traditional marriage at their local church, but were told couples with an age gap of more than 15 years were not welcomed, reports Yahoo.

Instead, they are now planning on marrying at a registry office later this year.

Their neighbours in the small village of Pilatovici have also not welcomed the relationship, reportedly stunned that Bozic could consider marrying a woman younger than three of his children.

So to prove their relationship to the world, the couple have signed up to the Serbian reality television show Parovi.

"We plan to cuddle and love each other there as if we were at home," said Milijana.

 "I really want to prove to people that this is the real thing between Milojko and me, and not a marketing trick like everyone says.

"Of course we will have sex, why wouldn't we? I would love to get pregnant and give birth to a baby, hopefully. If not on Couples, then after we leave the show."

The pair have also boasted of having sex every day - which is only hindered by Bozic's recent heart surgery.