Gemma and Richie McCaw share daughter's first vaccination on Instagram

New Zealand rugby royalty Gemma and Richie McCaw have been praised on Instagram for announcing the vaccination of their baby girl.

On Friday, Gemma posted a snap of their daughter Charlotte in the arms of ex-All Black captain Richie, to announce their baby had just received her 12 week vaccinations.

"Safe in her daddy's arms," read the caption.

"Safe getting her 12 week vaccinations. Safe in knowing she will protect herself and others she cares about. Safe in knowing she will help protect the community from preventable disease. Safe in the knowledge that she will protect future generations."

The couple have been praised for advocating vaccinations; with the post receiving almost 10,000 likes in three hours.

"Love this!" writes one commenter "Setting a great example"

"Thank you so much for promoting vaccines and the responsibility as parents to ensure your baby and the community stay safe" says another.

"An awesome example of responsible parenting."

Vaccination is a hot topic at the moment, as a measles outbreak in Canterbury spreads. 

Millennials and Generation X are being urged to get booster measles vaccination shots, as twenty-two people are now confirmed to have been infected.