'I know where to find you': Beauty therapist's threatening messages to customer

A screenshot of the comment.
A screenshot of the comment. Photo credit: Supplied/Abbey Cowley-Wood

A Tauranga beauty therapist has come under fire for leaving a concerning voicemail on a customer's phone.

Abbey Cowley-Wood said she missed an appointment for 10am on Wednesday at Jillz Beauty Therapy after she had a medical event on Tuesday night and forgot about the booking.

The owner then called her several times and left a voicemail, obtained by Newshub, requesting Ms Cowley-Wood call her back or "there will be trouble".

"She'd gone on to my Facebook where it says that I'd started my new job and she commented on it saying 'great, now I know where to find you'," Ms Cowley-Wood told Newshub.

Ms Cowley-Wood claimed her workplace was contacted by the salon owner who asked about when she would be there.

"She was trying to find out more about my shifts and what I was doing there kind of thing."

Ms Cowley-Wood said she had been to the salon a few years ago and had no trouble.

"I had [been] a couple of years ago and she was a bit kooky but she seemed fine."

The salon owner deleted her business' page after Ms Cowley-Wood posted a video of the voicemail message on Facebook and negative reviews began flooding in to Jillz Beauty Therapy.

Jillz Beauty Therapy is still available for review on Google, although Ms Cowley-Wood said it is not a reasonable score.

"When I posted my review on Google reviews she reported it as fake so all the negative ones are getting removed."

Newshub has contacted the owner of Jillz Beauty Therapy for comment.