'It saved my life': American woman uses peg to cure 'unbearable' migraine

An American woman has sent social media into a whirlwind by using a plain blue washing peg to cure an "unbearable" migraine.

Last week, Elizabeth Hayes, from Indiana in the United States, posted on Facebook about her experience with a horrendous migraine and how she used a blue "chip clip" to get some relief.

"This chip clip saved my life tonight. I had a migraine start almost 12 hours ago and about an hour ago it was at an unbearable level," she said.

"I had exhausted all of my drugs and tricks I usually use to ease my migraines to no avail".

That's when she Googled "fast relief for migraines" and came across the product Aculief, which is promoted as "all-natural headache and tension relief for people on the go".

The clip applies pressure the "LI4 acupressure point" between a person's thumb and index finger, which is well-known to provide relief for headaches.

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre says the LI4 point, also called Hegu, can help release muscle tension and promote blood circulation.

But instead of waiting to purchase an Acurelief, Ms Hayes used a chip clip peg instead.

"Within one minute I had some relief, and within 20 my pain was reduced by half," she said.

Her post has since gone viral, drawing over 70,000 likes on Facebook as well as 250,000 shares.

Thousands have also commented on the post saying they were going to try using a clip, a peg or a similar item from the around the house.