Kiwi woman shares emotional story after mum and partner die of same cancer

A Kiwi woman, who lost her partner and her mother to the same cancer, has shaved her head live on The AM Show to raise money for cancer research.

Kelly Shrimpton's partner Nick in 2006, and her mother in 2018, both died of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Ms Shrimpton and Nick were in the UK together in the mid-2000s when he began to get fevers.

She travelled home to New Zealand before he was diagnosed with the blood cancer.

"Nick was English so he was moved from Dublin to England and before he was diagnosed, when he was sick, he said to me 'I really want you to go home so you're with your friends and family.'  It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do."

She said when her mother was diagnosed she found it hard to not compare the two cases.

"I had to work really hard to remind myself that it wasn't the same story, that it might not go the same way."

Ms Shrimpton said she was shaving her head to raise money "for research to be funded that means people don't have to die for this."

She said the support of Lukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC) helped her through both her partner and mum's death.

"They provide these booklets that have all of this information and for me that was really important, I needed to know the details and [having LBC] meant I could help mum to understand the disease as well."

Donate to Ms Shrimpton's fundraiser here.