'Meat the victims' - Hundreds of vegans trespass Australian farm in protest

Hordes of vegans swarmed a farm in Australia in a protest they called "meat the victims".

Animal Activists Collective posted the footage of their protests to Facebook, showing the group ducking under fences into paddocks.

Around 150 people took part in the protests.

One video shows members of the group angrily confronting a farmer, as he repeatedly asks them to leave.

"How the f***k do you live with yourself?" one woman asks the farmer.

The farmer, David McNamee, lives on the farm with his family. He told Queensland Country Life the incident was "extremely distressing".

"We follow industry best practice, the safety of our staff and livestock are a priority - as well as adhering to the stringent biosecurity protocols for our industry."

He says the group trespassed illegally.

"The actions over the weekend of those who illegally trespassed on our property put our family, staff and livestock at risk."

The group says it was not their intention to distress anyone.

"We don't want farmers to be out of work, we just want them to change what they're farming," wrote one member of the group on Facebook.

"We're trying to show the general public what's been hidden from them their entire lives, so they can decide for themselves.

"Until we come to a fair agreement, we're not going to stop entering farms."

Queensland police responded to a call about the protests at 11.45am on Saturday, reports new.au.

One of the vans driven by the activists had its tyres slashed by a person driving a motorcycle.

No charges were laid, but investigations are ongoing.