Mum spends $35k on plastic surgery to look like Meghan Markle

A Meghan Markle wannabe has spent NZ$35,000 on plastic surgery to look more like the Duchess of Sussex.

Texas woman Xochytl Greer, a mother of three, has undergone rhinoplasty, liposuction on the stomach, inner and outer thighs, a bum lift, fillers under the eyes, lip filler, jawline filler and Botox in her quest to look like Prince Harry's wife.

"When I look in the mirror, I'm happy again," she said in an interview with ABC's Nightline.

"I still see me, but a better version of me. I'm at the point where I feel I can put myself out there in the world again."

She says she was inspired to get plastic surgery after post-pregnancy weight gain lowered her self-esteem.

"The plastic surgery just helps to give me more self-confidence on my outward appearance while I am fixing my inward appearance, you know, privately through therapy and things," she said.

And the decision to model herself as Ms Markle came after friends pointed out the resemblance.

"I don't think I look identical to Meghan Markle, but I do see our similarities a lot more now, my nose definitely resembles hers more closely," she said.

"I also had fillers in my jawline to have a stronger jaw like she does, so I do feel I more strongly resemble her now."

The surgeries have reportedly been so effective even Ms Greer's own daughter gets confused between the two.

"Whenever my 23-month-old sees Meghan she looks at her and says 'Mommy, mommy'."