Newshub tries the new cult product: The GHD Glide

If you're at all on Instagram you've probably seen the new GHD Glide. The newest addition to the GHD family, these straightener/brush hybrids are causing some serious heat online (sorry).

More elusive than Willy Wonka's golden ticket, the Glide has sold out around the country. To give it a try, I couldn't even get my hands on my own; I had to borrow one kept exclusively for all highly esteemed beauty editors (heh).

The GHD glide site talks a big game, promising to "eliminate frizz so hair is transformed". I just wanted something that was quick and easy in the morning, when I couldn't be bothered throwing my hair up in my daily messy bun™. 

To put it to the test, we tried the Glide on two staff members: Myself - medium length, wavy, dry occasionally frizzy hair, and my co-worker Mon -  a massive head of curls - wavy curls which have been curled and dyed and ombre'd since she was a teen.

Mon estimates that it usually takes her around two hours and a stiff drink to tame her curls with a regular straightener, so it really was putting it to the test.

With the help of Tangle Teaser hairbrush and some heat protectant, the Glide was put through its paces on Mon's head of curls. The brush did the job of detangling and smoothing at the same time, although an additional hair brush is most definitely needed.  While it wasn't perhaps wasn't the poker straight look you might get from regular straighteners, it tamed the intense curls into gentle waves.

Mon's curls tamed into gentle waves.
Mon's curls tamed into gentle waves. Photo credit: Newshub.

On my own hair it was an almost instant effect, my hair was immediately shinier, straighter and polished. It only took me five minutes to tame the whole head, and I felt so much more put together.

Me showing off my new sleek locks.
Me showing off my new sleek locks. Photo credit: Newshub.

After a week of using the Glide I have become a straight up addict. I can actually plug it in at my desk and type with one hand while I smooth it through with the other. The gentle waves suit my round, red face a lot more than the dead straight helmet of all our early 2000s youth.

Retailing for $240, the Glide is also a wee bit cheaper than some other GHD straighteners on the market.  

It's not for everyone, but if you're looking for a gentle wave and a foolproof method- I'm giving it two thumbs up.