Outrage over 'abusive' internet trend of throwing cheese at babies

The latest internet trend to go viral is one of the weirder ones we've heard of - 'Cheesing'. 

The dairy-based attack involves parents throwing slices of packaged 'American cheese' at the faces of their defenceless babies. 

A number of videos on Twitter and Instagram this week captured the moment of confusion and/or upset, while Slate Magazine published an in-depth investigation entitled 'Should you throw a slice of American cheese on your baby's face - a careful analysis". 

The trend started when Twitter user @unclehxlmes posted a video of him 'cheesing' his nephew, in a post he later deleted. However the damage was already done and others were quick to jump onboard. 

Logan, the "cheese ninja" is a personal favourite, although Boo the Pug getting cheesed is also great. 

"Thankfully he likes cheese," one mother captioned a video of her delighted son, and other commented their baby's face was "priceless". 

While many see the videos as harmless fun, others have expressed disgust and even accused the parents acting abusively. 

"To everyone saying that this is harmless, just wait until someone leaves that cheese on a kid's face long enough to suffocate them. Wtf is wrong with people?" one woman wrote. 

"This is abusive," expressed another irate mother. 

In one thread, journalist Mollie Goodfellow wrote: "Imagine carrying a baby for nine months and giving birth and then walking into a room and the father of your child is throwing slices of cheese at your baby for retweets and favs."