Outrage over 'gross' UK lingerie store 'body shaming' customers

The owner of a UK lingerie store has been forced to defend herself after being accused of "body shaming".

'Fit to Bust' in Harrogate has a large sign at its entrance listing different bra sizes, with "jokey" explanations beside each one. The descriptions include "almost boobs" for A cups and "barely there" for B cups as well as "enormous" for E cups and "fake" for anyone who wears an F cup.

Those with G cup breasts are told "get a reduction".

The only apparently "acceptable" sizes are C ("can't complain"), D ("delicious") and DD ("double delicious).

A Twitter user who goes by 'Music and Eyeliner' posted a picture of the sign, captioning it "WTF, is this shop trying to sell me a bra or make me hate myself?"

"What an absolute crock of shit."

The Tweet has gathered almost 3000 likes and 650 retweets.

"Wow. This has actually made my stomach turn. The way they dart between hyper-sexualising and full on body shaming is just gross," one person responded.

"Body shaming in its worst form, I'm in proportion with my 'barely there' and very happy thank you very much," wrote another.

Store owner Margaret Jack, told the Harrogate Advertiser the sign has stood outside their shop for 10 years without attracting this criticism - in fact, Margaret said some customers have even asked to have their own copy of it.

"We are still taking in what's been said online. We want to show that we have got a sense of humour, but I appreciate that it might not be everyone's sense of humour," she said.

"In the 10 years the sign has been there, the positive reaction we've had has far outweighed any negatives. We've only ever had maybe three people saying anything about it that's negative."