'Tastes like chocolate': Reporter eats 'boar's poo' live on The AM Show

There's going to great lengths for your job, and then there's this.

To celebrate Hokitika Wild Foods Fest this weekend, intrepid South Island AM Show reporter Erin Speedy had the lucky job of trying some of the delicacies live on air.

In what can only be described as 'drawing the short straw', country girl Erin, along with 9 in 10 guest Matt, got to sample Huhu grubs, mountain oysters, whitebait fritters and of course, a big chunk of "boar's poo".

While the Huhu grubs didn't go down such a treat, described by the pair as ' crunchy and soft at the same time", the "mountain oysters" or lamb's testicles, were not so bad.

"Not delicious, but not bad; it's got a softer texture," was the verdict, with Matt describing them as "tasting like chicken".

The whitebait fritters went down a treat, and then it was time for the final meal.

"Get the boar's poo down you," instructed co-host Duncan Garner.

The pair willingly chowed into the morsels, much to the shock of co-hosts Nicky Styris and Ingrid Hipkiss.

'Tastes like chocolate': Reporter eats 'boar's poo' live on The AM Show
Photo credit: AM Show.

"Tastes like chocolate," was Erin's verdict to the horrified team.

But it soon appeared that not everything was as it seems. 

"They're having us on," Ingrid soon realised.

"We tricked you!" Erin gleefully said, as it turned out the "boar's poo" was in fact, coconut rough studded with raisins.

The Wild Foods Festival celebrates its 30th birthday this weekend, running on March 9 and 10.