The $9 cleaning hack to get white sneakers looking new again

White sneakers
This unexpected chemist item will get these sneakers gleaming again. Photo credit: Getty.

Ah, white sneakers. Hopefully we live forever in this time where they're in vogue, and so can be worn in place of heels to parties and clubs. 

But after festival season or even a night out, your sneaks might be looking a little worse for wear. Luckily one intrepid journalist has proven you don't have to chuck them out and buy new ones.

Mamamia writer Ali Moore decided to put an internet hack to the test.

Using a box of Polident denture cleaning tablets, some stain removing washing powder, a towel and some sunshine, she got her sneakers looking almost new again.

Moore says she was inspired by a post last year in Australian Facebook group Mums Who Clean, where a woman used Polident to get her couch looking like new again.

The denture cleaner costs just NZ$8.50 per box but has a big impact, and had mums rushing to the chemist ASAP.

Moore says she used three tablets of Polident on her white sneakers, letting them first dissolve in warm water.

"I then took the shoe laces out of my shoes and chucked them all in. A little unsure what to do next, I grabbed an old toothbrush and got to scrubbing."

She then left them soaking in the solution overnight.

"In the morning I put them in the washing machine with some stain removing washing powder and a towel (so they aren't annoyingly loud in the washing machine), and then put them out in the sun for the remainder of the day.

"By the end of the process, they looked brand spankin' new."

Photos of the before and after are particularly impressive.

The brand spankin new skeaners.
The brand spankin new skeaners. Photo credit: Ali Moore/ Mamamia.

Polident can even be used on notoriously difficult to clean Converse sneakers, proven by another mum in the MWC Facebook group.