Vegan blogger apologises for eating meat in video

Vegan blogger apologises for eating meat in video
Photo credit: Youtube/Rawvana English; Youtube/Vegan Bean

A lifestyle blogger who claimed her veganism helped her overcome alcoholism and a nicotine addiction has been photographed eating fish, shocking her fans.

Yovana Mendoza Ayres, a fitness and lifestyle blogger who posts under the name Rawvana English, has allegedly been a vegan for six years and, in that time has reportedly overcome alcoholism and a nicotine addition, reports 7news.

But those claims are now up in the air after she was caught on camera eating fish at a restaurant.

After the video was published and Ayres received backlash from fans, the blogger admitted she was changing her diet for health reasons but was sorry she hadn't been open about it.

She said she had become borderline anaemic and suffered digestive issues over the last two years, and since then decided to take up fish and eggs as suggested by her doctors who wanted her to put on weight.

"I decided to put my health first," she says. "It was difficult for me to eat that because I felt a lot of guilt and shame."

Her response was heavily criticised, with many saying she was just looking for pity and others questioning why she promoted veganism for so long when it caused such health issues.

"You addressed everything but the fact you continued to pretend to be a vegan for profit! How you lied about being on a 21 day raw vegan challenge. If you been eating fish and eggs for two months, you literally haven't been a vegan all of 2019!" one person wrote.

But in a statement to The Washington Post, Ayres said she still supported the vegan community.

"My heart is with the vegan community and I want to reiterate that the plant-based diet is not what made me sick."