Wellington barber offers bizarre excuse for refusing to cut woman's hair

A woman has been left in shock after being refused a simple hair cut at a Wellington barber shop.

Salome Bhanu entered Norris Barbers on Waring Taylor St on Thursday afternoon and asked for a fade.

However, a barber in the store responded angrily to her request.

"He turned around and lost his shit - he said he wouldn't do it," Ms Bhanu told Newshub.

"I said I just want a fade that you do to men. He was very uncomfortable and said that he doesn't do women's hair and does not feel comfortable touching women's hair."

He told her she should "go somewhere else, to a salon, ask a woman to do it, or go anywhere else."

Ms Bhanu said she was left feeling "shocked" and "very vulnerable".

Chris Norris, the owner of Norris Barbers, told Newshub that the staff member in question was feeling under the weather and his reaction was contrary to his company's policy.

"The staff member was sick, very sick and he's now gone home.

"I'm very sorry, this is not our company's policy - we serve women all the time and if she wants to come back I'd be happy to cut her hair."

However, when told of the apology from the store, Ms Bhanu was still not happy.

"Why is my hair different to men's? I don't want his apology, I want this behaviour to end and stop sexism."

Ms Bhanu was eventually able to find another barber shop to get her fade - down the road at Custom Cutz.

"I went there after the experience at Norris. They are amazing. I asked them if they did not mind that I was a woman. They said 'nope, don't see a difference!' Love them," Ms Bhanu posted to Reddit.