Woman reveals simple hacks that saved $1000 in a month

A Sydney woman has revealed how she saved over AU$1000 last month in a 'Frugal February' challenge, saying she still managed to live her life. 

Writing for Mamamia, Michelle Ives says she was inspired by a report she read that the average Australian on a median income should be able to save $1000 a month. 

"Thinking that that was idealistic at best, I put it to the test by doing Frugal Feb - a challenge for the whole of February where you cut as much discretionary spending as possible," she wrote.

In the end, Ives, a small business owner with a mortgage to pay, managed to save AU$1230. 

To begin with, she says she cut out discretionary spending

"I looked at everything in my budget that wasn't an absolute necessity and I cut it for the month. Things like coffees on-the-go, convenience lunches in between meetings, Ubers and taxis, social outings or picking up anything that wasn't supermarket food or public transport credit," she listed. 

"I walked a lot, caught buses and trains everywhere I could, brought snacks to tide me over when out, and enjoyed teas from tea bags I had already over barista-made coffees."

She says she then unsubscribed from every marketing email she was signed up to, after many "involuntary" clicks on the 'Shop Now' button in the past, and turned to local market places to buy things she needed .

She also "borrowed or re-gifted" for special occasions. 

"I really enjoy gift-giving, but I've realised just how much sentimental gifts are geared up to run you a pretty penny," she wrote.

"Instead, when I needed to give something for a birthday or dinner party my husband and I attended, I looked at things I already had around the house."

These included gifts like candles still in their boxes, homewares (with the tags still on), and expensive wines yet uncorked. 

"Most of us probably have a myriad of things completely untouched or unopened that we could regift."

Back in 2016, single mum and finance guru Canna Campbell, also from Sydney, undertook her now famous '$1000 Project', which resulted in her saving $32,000. The '$1000 challenge' has gone viral on Instagram, with many undertaking their own.