Angry Australians attack 'vegan terrorists' after vigilante protests

Angry Australians are lashing out at "vegan terrorists" after a series of vigilante protests.

Hundreds of animal rights activists caused chaos across Melbourne on Monday, blocking roads and chaining themselves to cars.

Elsewhere in New South Wales and southern Queensland, vegans stormed abattoirs and chained themselves to conveyors until police came to cut them free.

Their stunts haven't won the heart of the public though, with enraged Aussies posting images of their delicious meat meals in retaliation for the traffic jams, along with hashtags like "#veganterrorists".

"Thank you #VeganProtests for inspiring my dinner tonight. Some great 100 percent Aussie beef," one person tweeted, along with an image of two delicious steaks.

Another person had concocted an entire 'cake' made out of layers of meat and cheese to spite their vegan opponents.

Around 40 protestors have been arrested so far, and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has labelled their actions "un-Australian".

"This is just another form of activism that I think runs against the national interest, and the national interest is [farmers] being able to farm their own land," he told radio station 2GB.

He has urged state and territory governments to "ensure the full force of the law is brought against these green-collared criminals".