Angry stranger chucks out pregnant woman's coffee, screams at her in café

As all pregnant women would know, the uninvited opinions of strangers can always be counted on, whether welcome or not.

But one shocked expectant mother has the internet raging after describing an experience she says she had with an angry older woman in a café.

The woman, who says she's 36 weeks pregnant, took to pregnancy-based subReddit 'Baby Bumps' with her bizarre story.

"It's very obvious I'm pregnant. I'm huge. Massive. Uncomfortable. Tired and grumpy," she began the post.

"I am currently at my local chain coffee shop, sitting now, with my effing cup of coffee that had to be remade, because some random grandmother decided that, as I'm pregnant, I shouldn't be allowed to have caffeine."

The woman went on to explain she was waiting for her coffee - "just a grande cold brew, nothing crazy" -  when the barista called her name and she went to collect her cup.

As she reached for her coffee, an older woman interjected, allegedly saying "you can't have that".

"I didn't know she was talking to me, so I continue to reach for my cup," the woman wrote.

It was then she says the older woman snatched her coffee and dropped it into the bin, reiterating that the pregnant woman "wasn't allowed" it.

"[I said] you cannot be serious. It's fine. My doctor even says it's fine... I get one cup a day, this is it," the pregnant woman wrote, adding she turned to the barista who began to make her another cup.

"Please go away," she told the coffee-throwing stranger.

It was then the older woman allegedly began screaming, "NO YOU CAN'T HAVE IT, YOU'RE PREGNANT, IT WILL MAKE YOU HAVE THE BABY NOW."

The stranger is also said to have began crying, and saying her pregnant daughter also drank coffee despite her admonishments.

The pregnant woman wrote that she then yelled back, telling the stranger to "please leave me alone".

"You're making me uncomfortable and I don't want you this close."

And with that, the confrontation mercifully came to an end.

Commenters on the Reddit thread were furious, especially those who shared similar pregnancy-related judgements.

"A series of short films about the nonsense pregnant women have to go through would be AMAZING," one woman wrote.

"I am FURIOUS for you," wrote another.

"I drink safe amounts of caffeine almost daily because my own doctor told me to do so for my constant migraines which were impeding my ability to function. This woman had no right to treat you that way."

It's not the first bizarre pregnancy-related incident shared on the social media site. Earlier this year, another pregnant woman described how her co-worker stole her packed lunch every day, despite her pleas.