Carlsberg admits its beer sucks in bold marketing ploy

Since 1973, Carlsberg has claimed it's "probably the best beer in the world". Anyone who has tasted Carlsberg knows that's a lie - and now the company has admitted it.

In a major overhaul of its marketing campaign, Carlsberg has acknowledged it could be better.

The company's new slogan now reads: "Probably not the best beer in the world. So we've changed it."

Carlsberg is changing everything to try and be the best. 

Its taste, its packaging and its glassware are all part of the new push for improvement, reports Marketing Week.

"We want to change the way people think about Carlsberg," vice-president of marketing at Carlsberg Liam Newtown told Marketing Week.

"We've been saying we're 'probably the best beer in the world' since 1973. The issue is, recently we've not been living up to that."

The new ad says Carlsberg focused on brewing "quantity not quality."

"We became the cheapest, not the best," reads the advert.

To fix this, Carlsberg has re-brewed "from head to hop" to "create a beer that lives up to its promise,"

But you can't stay the cheapest and be the best - Carlsberg will be increasing its prices, and it's not known how pricey the beer will get.

However, Newtown promises it will remain "affordable."

Domino's made a similar marketing ploy in 2010, admitting they sucked and wanted to improve. Those marketing ploys lead to a 14.5 percent increase in global sales, reports CBS.

Whether Carlsberg will taste the same success remains to be seen.