Five ways to make sure your smoke alarms are working properly

Over the weekend, you may have remembered to change all the clocks - but there's one other simple Daylight Saving task too many of us overlook.

That task is checking our smoke alarms.

Experts say too many of us aren't checking them - and especially not young adults and renters, according to Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

So The Project has decided to make it more memorable, with top five fire tips from the hottest team on the force - and Newshub's National Correspondent Patrick Gower.

Gower and co's fire-safe advice


  1. Hey renters, while landlords are required to install and replace expired smoke alarms, you are responsible for checking everything's working. It's as easy as pushing the right buttons.
  2. Give your smoke alarms a little love - a quick vacuum or dusting is a great way to reduce pesky false alarms.
  3. Check the expiry date on your alarms. Can't find one? Replace it. Alarms should be swapped out every 10 years, with long-life photoelectric versions that have the stamina to keep you safe.
  4. We lose our sense of smell when we're asleep, so only a working smoke alarm will alert you and whoever else you've got staying over.
  5. One's not enough! Closed doors can block smoke, so we recommend installing one in every hallway, living area and of course, bedroom!
  6. Don't assume your smoke alarms are working - it's never a bad time to fiddle with your doo-dakkky to check that it's tickety-boo!