How marijuana enthusiasts worldwide celebrated 420

Marijuana enthusiasts across Canada and the US celebrated the most important day in the stoner calendar - 420.

April 20, or 4/20 is an annual celebration of all things cannabis.

This year, public events were larger than ever throughout US and Canada, as recreational use of marijuana is now legal in ten states.

Medicinal use is legal in 33.

Those who weren't present at the public events made sure to show their appreciation for the drug on social media.

How marijuana enthusiasts worldwide celebrated 420
Photo credit: Instagram/ @thehospitality206

Comically large blunts, ludicrously large smoke clouds and a whole lot of green permeated the internet as people showed their love for weed.

How marijuana enthusiasts worldwide celebrated 420
Photo credit: Instagram/ @ysabella.k

With cannabis culture becoming more normalized, corporations are getting on board with blazing it.

Fast food restaurant Carl's Jr. is marketing a burger infused with CBD oil. 

Pizza Hut sold a $4.20 brownie.


Ice-cream company Ben and Jerry's contributed too, but they went a different route.

The company called out racial inequality, highlighting that 81 percent of cannabis executives are white, while a disproportionate amount of black people are imprisoned for using the drug.

"Let's celebrate 4/20 this year by making sure legalisation doesn't leave people of colour behind," announced the company on Twitter.

The ice-cream company is asking Congress to expunge prior marijuana convictions and provide pardons for people whose only conviction is possession.

Its petition has reached 32,446 signatures so far.

New Zealand had its own attempt at a 420 celebration. Due to marijuana still being illegal, this celebration was much harder to co-ordinate.

The Harvest Festival took place on Saturday after a last minute dash to secure a venue.

 The celebration ended up taking place in two locations, two hours away from each other after the council shut down the first site two days before the festival was due to start.