How to take the best photos at night using just your phone

  • 12/04/2019
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These images were taken around midnight. Photo credit: Huawei

With phones getting bigger and better every year, more people are turning to their pocket-sized devices as their main camera option.

Phone manufacturers have responded by packing as much punch as they can into their phones, in some cases even surpassing a basic digital camera.

Huawei's latest flagship phone, the P30 Pro, launched in New Zealand on Friday and boasts their newest and best Leica lenses, with four on board including a 40MP main camera and a 32MP selfie-cam.

Its new sensors include a night-time mode, to get the best shots in low light conditions.

Here's how to make the most of your phone to get some epic night snaps - without needing a bulky DSLR.

This turtle mural looks epic, as the phone has a built-in flash to illuminate your night shot. Photo credit: Huawei

Take advantage of any light sources you have

When it's dark, your camera needs any light it can get! Work around any other light sources available, such as streetlights or passing cars. In a real pinch, the phone has a built-in flash to illuminate your shot.

Keep very still

You have two options when snapping your shots at night - either drop your shutter speed, so more light enters the camera during your snap, or take multiple shots and blend them together like the P30 Pro's inbuilt night-mode does. Either way, you'll want to get your photography arm rock-steady to avoid motion blur.

Prepare to edit down your shots

If you use the Pro photography mode on the Huawei P30, you'll have the option to save your files as a RAW file. This is what the professionals use to make the most of their pics, as it retains all of the raw data from the camera - so if your photo came out too dark, you can brighten it up more easily than with a regular JPG. Take your time and take plenty of photos, you can always whittle them down with the 'Favourite' heart option.

Use the 'night' mode

The power in the P30 Pro really shines in its in-built night mode. By taking multiple photos at different exposures then blending them together, it can create images that look as though they were shot in the early hours instead of the middle of the night. To get the ultimate shot, try and keep both yourself and the subject as still as possible - its sensors will deliver a photo as bright and crisp as a normal day.

Huawei's SuperSpectrum Sensor enables spectacular low-light video capture so nighttime scenes come out crystal clear.

Its SuperZoom supports high fidelity magnification up to five times optical zoom, 10 times hybrid zoom and 50 times digital zoom, which it achieves through a periscope design. 

The use of a dual-lens helps you click photos with 'bokeh effect', which Huawei terms as the 'aperture effect'. Basically this creates a blur effect separating the subject from the background.  

The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro now on sale in New Zealand for $1099 and $1499.

This article was created with Huawei.