Knock Knock: What your front door colour says about you

  • 17/04/2019
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Knock knock - what does your front door say about you? Photo credit: Getty

Your front door is so much more than an entrance to your home. It’s a portal to your personality, a glimpse into your greeting and an inkling of what goes on inside.

Resene Colour Expert Rebecca Long provides us with a run-down on what your front door says about you.

"Your front door is the first impression that your guests will have of your home. Does it clearly represent you and the atmosphere that you want to create?" Long asks.

Refreshing front doors with paint is such an affordable way to add personality to your home.


Orange doors are warm, passionate and social. Brighter oranges also tend to stimulate appetite – perfect for people that love throwing dinner parties.

Resene Party Zone is sure to boost the energy of your guests. For a smokier, sophisticated statement try Resene Clockwork Orange.

Red doors evoke courage and energy. The colour of this door is Resene Guardsman Red. Photo credit: Resene


Do you enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle? Red doors are traditional and evoke courage and energy. Add spice with Resene Jalapeno and charisma with Resene Code Red.


Would you consider yourself a romantic? Pink can take on so many personalities and always has its place.

"We’re seeing a surge of dusky, gentle pinks appearing in homes washed with hues of apricot and peach," Long says.

Resene Shilo creates a pleasant, calming feeling. Resene Just Dance has a sunset glow and pumps romance in the air.

Green doors, representing harmony, balance and peace, are gaining popularity in New Zealand homes. This green door is Resene Camarone, project by Robert Caldana Builder, and photo by Stewart Nimmo. Photo credit: Resene


Blue is the colour of loyalty and intelligence. Deep, mysterious navy blues such as Resene Bewitched offer strength whereas blues such as Resene Raindance and Resene Unwind are soothing, making you appear laid back and will give your home a seaside feel.


Do you like living a carefree lifestyle? An earthy, green door represents harmony, balance and peace.  Resene Nourish is a gentle, soothing green that lifts spirits. Resene Atlas is a rich, decadent emerald. Welcoming and appealing to many.


Black is timeless and generates prestige and glamour. Paint your door in full gloss paint for added luxury. Try Resene Enamacryl tinted to Resene Nero.

Black doors are timeless, prestigious and glamourous. This door is in Resene Nero. Photo credit: Resene


Yellow front doors are friendly, creative and boost optimism. Resene Wild Thing is energetic, light-hearted and perfect for anyone that likes to shine bright.


Always dreaming of your next getaway? Turquoise is perfect for dreamers and offers a whimsical escape.

"Resene She’ll Be Right and Resene Yes Please colours are playful and bring hope and positivity," Long says.

London colour experts Pantone conducted research with real estate agents Marsh and Parsons last year and it turns out Londoners tend to favour four classic colours for their front doors: black, white, grey and navy.

But are New Zealanders different? What are our most popular front door colours?

Long says she's currently seeing a lot of red, orange, green and even black doors.

"High gloss doors look really cool and we suggest you try a testpot first, especially if you’d like to try a bolder or vibrant colour."

London front doors are world famous for standing out, although recent research suggests  Londoners prefer black, white, grey or navy.
London front doors are world famous for standing out, although recent research suggests Londoners prefer black, white, grey or navy.

Long encourages people to choose colour for their front door because it’s fun and inspiring.

Easter or ANZAC Day could be a great time to create a colourful new front door.

For more front door colour style tips and tricks visit HabitatbyResene.

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