Lloyd Burr's great London feijoa hunt

Baked into a cake, made into chutney or simply scooped out with a spoon - the humble feijoa is an integral part of autumn memories for many Kiwis.

The perfume-scented green fruit of the gods are a backyard tree aplenty in New Zealand; but over in the UK, they're like gold dust to get your hands on - and almost as expensive.

European correspondent Lloyd Burr and cameraman Dan Pannett took to the streets of London to see if they could get their hands on the Kiwi staple as cravings set in.

So began the great London feijoa hunt, where they quickly realised it was a lot easier said than done.

Big supermarkets provided no joy, so it was onto the underground and off to the Borough Market, before hitting the likes of Selfridges and Harrods. 

Watch the full video to see if their mission was a success. Music in the video from BenSound.com