Man faces public backlash after complaining baby formula should come out of wife's spending budget

Baby formula
The man thought it was his wife's decision, therefore should be her cost. Photo credit: Getty.

A new dad has faced the wrath of the internet after questioning why he should pay for his infant's baby formula, after his wife made the decision to stop breastfeeding.

Posting in the popular 'Am I the Asshole' thread on Reddit, the man explained his wife had been breastfeeding for six months but wanted to switch to formula because she "feels done".

"She makes plenty of milk and everything... I think if she wants to stop for basically no reason, then the money for formula should come out her personal spending money, because she is the one making that decision," he wrote.

"She says I'm an asshole and it should come from the family/grocery budget (which is already tight) even though I don't have a say."

As expected, the backlash was swift, and the man was forced to hastily delete the post. But luckily for us, it was shared on Twitter, where it's amassed thousands of likes and some seriously unimpressed comments.

"Take all the food out of the house and tell him to get fed on his own body," the original tweeter captioned the screenshot.

"Imagine the nightmare of having a child with someone only to find that this is how they act," one person wrote.

"Replace all the milk in the house with breast milk and tell him if he wants regular milk, it comes out of his expenses," another suggested.

Many pointed out the tough decision the woman was making in quitting breastfeeding, something a Kiwi mother wrote about for Newshub last year, calling breastfeeding "literal hell".