Man's shocking list of Tinder rules causes online backlash

Kirk's Tinder profile
Kirk's Tinder profile has drawn some heat. Photo credit: Twitter.

Tinder can be a terrible place at the best of times, but one UK man's profile has left the internet appalled.

Twitter user 'Trash Queen' was so shocked by Kirk's profile, she shared it with the caption "I thought I'd give Tinder a go but honestly, it's fully put me off dating".

The screenshots show the 27-year-old Essex man with his pants around his ankles, as well as his strict set of rules for any potential interested ladies.

"Rule 1: I don't want to be a step dad so no kids unless u have just one - I want my OWN thanks," his profile reads [sic].

"Rule 2: If you date black boys, or think about it, don't even text me. Rule 3: I don't want a time waster or someone who is a bum... go make your own money you lazy f**ks."

Man's shocking list of Tinder rules causes online backlash
Photo credit: Twitter.

However, if you get through all of that and you're still keen, Kirk adds he owns a German Shepherd dog and a two-bedroom flat to seal the deal.

The tweet has been liked over 27,000 times - but evidently not from potential dates.

"Maybe drop the rules instead of the pants, Kirk", one follower replied to the Tweet.

"I'm going to screenshot this for when my relatives ask me why I'm still single," replied another. 

"Dear men, this is Kirk. He's a narcissistic, racist, misogynistic, delusional muscle head. DON'T BE LIKE KIRK," advised another.

But some people had Kirk's back, arguing it's the nature of the app.

"Women's profiles are not only way more shallow but demanding when it comes to things men CAN'T control.. and they are ACCEPTED, seen as perfectly fine by everyone and DONT' have news articles made calling them out.. lmfao," one man commented on The Mirror's article.

"What's wrong with what he said?" questioned another.

Kirk concludes his profile with "Good luck girls".

Good luck indeed.