McDonalds' adds Chicken Big Brekkie Burger to breakfast line-up

Chicken Big Brekkie burger
Can you tackle the Chicken Brekkie Burger? Photo credit: Supplied.

Macca's fans get excited - there's a new burger to sink your teeth into for breakfast.

The fast food chain announced the new addition to the breakfast menu on Thursday: the Chicken Big Brekkie Burger.

Following the launch of last year's Beef Big Brekkie Burger, the chicken version features a chicken patty accompanying the egg, hashbrown, cheese, bacon and barbeque sauce.

It's similar to the Chicken McMuffin of 2017, but a whole lot bigger.

I can confirm this burger is not for the faint of heart - it nearly defeated one of our reporters who had to break it down into individual parts to get through it. But if you wake up with an aching hunger/hangover - it might just be the ticket.

McDonald's NZ marketing director Jo Mitchell explained that both the Beef Big Brekkie Burger and Chicken McMuffin were originally meant to be limited time products, but stayed on the menu permanently due to public demand.

"The Beef Big Brekkie Burger, which can only be found at Macca's in New Zealand and Australia, proved an instant hit and the Chicken McMuffin has developed a strong following," she said.

"We're sure the Chicken Big Brekkie Burger will be just as much of a crowd favourite."

She notes that that this burger will be available in New Zealand for "a limited time" - but fingers crossed.

The Chicken Big Brekkie Burger is similar in style to KFC's Chicken AM, rolled out in stores across the UK in 2016. That burger, which never made its way to New Zealand, featured a piece of the Colonel's special chicken, smoked bacon, a freshly cracked egg and cheese in a floured bun, with a hash brown on the side.