Milk duct surprise: The breast photo that has women wishing they didn't have them

  • 26/04/2019

A photo showing the milk ducts on an adult human female is being widely shared online and freaking people out.

The pic shows the upper torso of a woman, sans skin, displaying the circular pattern of milk-making glands spreading out from each nipple and somewhat resembling flowers.

The revealing image is being called beautiful by some social media users, but others say it's terrifying and traumatic.

"I don't want breasts anymore," one woman replied to the initial tweet, which has been liked more than 135,000 times in just a few days.

"This made my skin crawl," tweeted another, while another described seeing the picture as "trauma".

Other commenters pointed out the image wouldn't be shocking to people who studied anatomy in school, while others found the skinless breast photo lovely.

"Why is everyone saying it's gross? We have literal flowers on our titties, that's so cool," tweeted one woman.

"It's beautiful to me - I breastfed my kids and wow! Those things nourished my babies," replied another.

But there's no convincing some people - the original tweeter of the photo replied saying: "How are some of you finding this beautiful? I'm legit STRESSED knowing this is inside my titties."

Another follower backed her up, adding: "At first I thought someone put flowers over boobs because art. Now, it looks like a weird alien creature lives inside my body and I'm terrified."

The petal-like structures in the photos are lobes, which contain the alveoli, and that's where the body makes the milk which then travels down the little tubes to the nipple.

It may look scary to some - but it's an essential factor in the life of anyone of us alive today, as well as everyone who lived before us.