More men seeking calf implants than ever - report

Top surgeons around the world say more and more men are coming in for calf implants, dubbed by some as the male equivalent of the boob job.

Part of the never-ending quest for the perfect body, calf implants are a surgical enhancement for men who want to make it appear as if they never skip leg day. 

Made of sold silicon, the implants are inserted behind the knee, to give the appearance of a thicker and wider calf.

More men seeking calf implants than ever - report
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Patient Justin Hill, who is in the process of consultation, told 7 News he was excited about the surgery.

"I'd been working out at the gym and not getting the results that I wanted... [I want] something that shows off the muscle a bit more," he says.

Australian plastic surgeon Dr Jack Zoumaras says "three of four years ago I would get one inquiry every two or three months".

"Now we're probably getting an inquiry every week," he reveals.

He says almost all patients are self-conscious men looking for a surgical fix.

"They're usually quite broad shouldered and defined elsewhere in their body, but they've got very small legs," he says.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were conducted on men in 2018.