Newshub tries: Krispy Kreme hot cross bun doughnuts

As we enter April, we become besieged in supermarkets and bakeries with tasty Easter treats - chocolate eggs, cinnamon toasted hot cross buns, and of course that very controversial item -  the chocolate hot cross bun.

Doughnut store Krispy Kreme has taken it a step further, turning our favourite holiday treat into a new doughnut.

The Krispy Kreme NZ team announced on Faceboook last week that they were launching a hot cross bun doughnut - filled with a smooth choc crème, hand dipped in chocolate ganache and choc biscuit crumb with a white choc truffle cross on top.

"Get ready to hop into a tasty Easter!" was the tagline.

The post was a hit on Facebook, with over 2000 likes and 1500 comments.

But because we here at Newshub are intrepid journalists, willing to suffer for the cause, we decided to put them to the test.

As a passionate lover of an authentic hot cross bun, I was suspicious from the start. But unfortunately, a nasty case of food poisoning (not from Krispy Kreme, I should add) meant I was away from the newsroom, so left it to my trusty colleagues to give them a try.

Reactions were mixed - ranging from the ecstatic to the unimpressed.

Watch the video to see how they went down.

If you simply can't stomach the thought of a hot cross bun doughnut and want a stunning example of the real deal, my favourite spots to get them in Auckland are Daily Bread, Ima and Miann.