Personal trainer uninvites 'overweight' size 16 sister from family BBQ

A woman has sought advice from fellow mums after her fitness fanatic sister uninvited her from a family barbeque because of her weight.

The woman, who is a size 16, posted on popular mother's forum Mumsnet, explaining that her sister, a personal trainer, told her it would look bad to have an overweight sibling there as everyone attending was "really slim". 

Going by the username 'Fireplace1', the woman wrote that her sister set up a group chat with her family to organise a date for a "big barbeque she was having".

"There were a number of dates everyone could do and one date I couldn't," the anonymous woman explained.

"She chose that date."

In the now-deleted post, the woman says when she confronted her sister about why she chose the exact day she was not available, the sister responded saying she "wasn't sure I'd feel comfortable at the event as she was also inviting a lot of her clients".

Personal trainer uninvites 'overweight' size 16 sister from family BBQ
Photo credit: Mumsnet.

"She started by saying everyone going was really slim and cared about their weight (my anger rose to about 5/10 here), then she proceeded to suggest it looked bad on her as a personal trainer if she had a 'fat' sister."

The woman says her anger "soared to 10/10".

"I hung up the phone. I have never hung up the phone on her before. I am fuming! What do I say to her?"

While opinion on these posts is often split, basically all the comments were from fellow Mumsnet users who rushed to support the woman.

"I can't actually articulate a response at this point as I am [shocked].. I  get why you are at a 10 though," one person said.

"Wow I am up at 20/10 that's horrible," another woman suggested. "Turn up in your best fluorescent lycra with a massive chocolate cake and biggest steak."

"You say nothing," wrote another. "She needs to apologise. Vile attitude. Hopefully one of your family will deal with her nastiness."