Pornhub creates 'Beesexual' category to save honeybees

Pornhub creates 'Beesexual' category to save honeybees
Photo credit: Pornhub

Bees are dying globally at an alarming rate, and Pornhub has joined the fight to save them.

The Beesexual series is "a whole new genre of porn", according to a promo video released by the popular adult site.

This new genre will take footage of bees collecting pollen from flowers, and add in voiceover from porn stars to make it sound as if the insects are having wild sex.

For every click the videos generate, Pornhub will donate money to Operation Honey Bee and the Center for Honeybee Research.

"We turn short videos of foraging bees into what they really are - funny, kinky, nature porn," adult entertainer Abella Danger says in the video.

"It's our way of giving back to our fans and the community," Pornhub vice president Corey Price told sci-tech news site Inverse.

"We want to initiate meaningful change around the world, and with over 110 million daily visitors we thought our users could come together and lend a helping hand and help us conserve this precious species."

This is not Pornhub's first jaunt into philanthropy. In 2015 Pornhub Cares, the site's humanitarian spinoff, was launched. It's raised $25,000 towards a college scholarship, created an online sexual wellness centre, planted more than 15,000 trees and donates $100 to conservation efforts for every "panda-style" porn video submitted to the site.

Pornhub also sponsored two dozen snow trucks in Boston, New York and New Jersey to plough streets and businesses free of charge.

The Beesexual campaign will run for the next month, reports Inverse. The videos will remain on the site after the campaign has finished.