'Skinny Dipping' bikini deemed 'most revealing of all time'

A UK fashion site known for revealing garb has copped yet more backlash for what might just be its skimpiest bikini yet.

The 'Skinny Dipping' bikini, advertised on clothing website Oh Polly for £40, is basically made up of four pieces of material held together by clear plastic straps.

The product description on the site reads: "Caution, this bikini ain't for the faint-hearted..." which is fairly self-explanatory.

"Make tan lines a thing of the past in our clear strap micro bikini top, it covers the essentials. The triangles are adjustable to achieve your desired level of reveal," it continues.

A photo of the bikini on the Oh Polly Instagram racked up over 50,000 likes, but many have been unable to get past just how skimpy the bikini is.

UK fashion site Heart deemed it 'The most revealing bikini of all time', and Instagram commenters didn't hold back.

"This looks like a sanitary towel on a sting," one comment read, while another asked "Why bother, just go nude?"

Another commenter wrote that the company had "failed on this one."

"I would have 100 percent certainty of a flap waving out."

But others were big fans. One girl tagged in her friend and commented "not to be dramatic but I would die for this".

Oh Polly was also responsible for the one piece 'Hole Again' swimsuit which captured international mockery in February this year.