Sydney cafés Mi Goreng noodle toastie becomes internet sensation

Mi Goreng toastie
The toastie has been dubbed "the epitome of stoner cuisine". Photo credit: Instagram/ The Dutch Smuggler.

A Sydney café's unusual menu appears to be catering to those recovering from a big night, or those just wanting to re-live the taste of their university days.

The Dutch Smuggler has caused an online sensation with its Mi Goreng-filled toasted cheese sandwich, retailing for AU$9.50 (NZ$10.05).

Reportedly beginning as a limited-edition special in 2017, demand for the sammie has seen it become a permanent fixture.

In a list of Sydney's 'best sandwiches this year', food critic Andrew Levins called it "an absolute banger" and "the epitome of stoner cuisine".

"Carbs filled with carbs are always a winner, and while this busy CBD cafe's selection of other toasties is definitely worth checking out, none hold a candle to the delicious novelty of the Mi Goreng toastie," he raved.

"A bed of expertly seasoned instant noodles mixes with spicy mayo, the busted yolk from a fried egg and melted cheddar cheese."

The sandwich was also featured on Buzzfeed as the most "outrageous thing you can eat in Sydney that you'll want to photograph first".

The carb-on-carb delight is one of many Dutch Smuggler sandwiches that have gained a cult following on Instagram.

The café also boasts other treats, like the Mac Dizzle, a mac and cheese filled sandwich, and the Ramen Empire - a mix of spicy Korean ramen noodles, kimchi, seaweed, a fried egg and cheese.

Aussie food blogger 'Jono the Student Cook' came up with his own take on the Mi Goreng toastie, the recipe for which you can find online.