The great Easter egg debate: Are you getting ripped off?

The Easter break is a marvellous time marked by hot cross buns, the long weekend - and, of course, too much chocolate.

But for many of us chocolate lovers, suspicions have long circulated; are we all getting ripped off at Easter?

Surely melting down a chocolate block and throwing it into an egg mould shouldn't result in something three times the price?

After talking to my colleagues it seems to be common knowledge that "holiday chocolate tastes different" - but again, how can this possibly be?

I and fellow intrepid reporter Jeremy decided to investigate; comparing some of Kiwis' favourite choc blocks with their egg counterparts, focusing on both flavour and bang for your buck.

So a block of Dairy Milk went up against its unbelievably expensive egg counterpart, the famed Cadbury crème egg went up against its controversial new block alternative... you get the idea.

Yes, eating six different types of chocolate at 10am is tough, but it will all pay off when this year's Pulitzers are announced.

Some major, chocolate-industry-shaking discoveries were made - especially that Jeremy's family go on a big walk every Easter instead of eating chocolate. Devastating.

So which choc came out on top? Watch the video to find out.