The Newshub Easter non-chocolate related gift guide

Easter non chocolate gift guide
If you've had too much of the sweet stuff, have we got the guide for you. Photo credit: Supplied.

Ah Easter. A time where food is very much at the forefront of everyone's minds; be it chocolate eggs, bunnies or hot cross buns. But sometimes it can be a case of 'too much of a good thing', and you want to give or receive something that won't sit so heavy on the hips. Here to help is the Newshub non-chocolate gift guide - either to replace the classic Easter Lindt bunny, or just go alongside. 

1. Chocolate on your face


If you want to give the gift of chocolate without the calories, this Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette and Gold Soleil Bronzer from Mecca are an amazing option of the future beauty vlogger in your life. Not only are the colours drop dead gorgeous, they also SMELL LIKE CHOCOLATE. All of the sensory enjoyment, none of the sore tummy!

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette Mecca
The Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette from Mecca. Photo credit: Mecca.

2. Easter activewear


In no way am I saying that you need to 'work off' Easter goodies or anything like that, but sometimes it can be nice to take advantage of the long weekend to get outdoors - and if it helps with hot cross bun digestion, so much the better. Puma have a range of sneakers with chocolate brown soles to get that choc fix while you pound the pavements, and FitBit have some great smartwatch options to help you get that heart rate up. But we'd recommend not using the calorie-tracking function over Easter - It's all about balance! 

The choc-soled Puma sneakers.
The choc-soled Puma sneakers. Photo credit: Supplied.

3. Turn baby into a bunny


If your little one is too young for chocolate but you want them to partake in the Easter fun, these bunny-themed onesies, hats and smocked dresses from Postie Plus are so goddamn cute it hurts my eyes.

For the older kids, some Easter pyjamas are always a great option, and an opportunity to get them into winter jim-jams as the weather begins to cool. 

4. None of your bees wax


These Bunny Kids beeswax food wraps are not only adorable in design, but they're also eco-friendly! They're made from organic beeswax, propolis, manuka oil and jojoba oil: A great way to wrap half cut fruit and vegetables, or even the end of the cheese. Or, I'm sure, leftover hot cross buns and chocolate treats. If you're into saving them for later.  

Beeswax wraps
The Bunny Kids beeswax wraps are great for kids - or adult's - lunchboxes. Photo credit: Not Socks Gifts.

5. Pampering voucher


Chocolate isn't the only way to indulge this Easter - treat your loved one to a facial or massage to double the relaxation of the long weekend. Our picks are the Yoga Facial from Spring Spa in Ponsonby or the Bespoke Facial from the Facialist in The City Works Depot.